2017 Kalamazoo Rock, Gem and Mineral Show, May 5-7

News and updates:
The 2017 KGMS Rock and Mineral Show is now done, we hoped you enjoyed it and will return for the 2018 Rock and Mineral Show — May 4-6, 2018.

On this page:
— Presentations Schedule.
— Photos of the Grand Prize.
— Raptor statue returns for 2017.
— KGMS Show flyer with show hours, location and dates.
— A couple of gemstones you will see at the show.
— Some info about GemStones.
— 2017 Dealer list.
— Show floor plan.

Presentation will be in Expo Room D.
Presentation schedule:

Sat – May 6th

11:30 am – Paleo Joe’s Wyoming Dinosaur Digs

2:00 pm – Trilobites, presented by Paleo Joe

3:30 pm – Meteorites with Dave Haas

Sun May 7th

11:30 am – Dinosaur CSI, presented by Paleo Joe

2:00 pm – Fossils of The Michigan Basin, presented by Paleo Joe

3:30 pm – Meteorites with Dave Haa

Times for the meteorite presentations and hopefully for a third presenter to be add soon.

The raptor is returning to the show this year and is licking its lips in anticipation of seeing all of you again (see photo below).

Our “Gem” of a grand prize is actually an amazing Crinoid Plate that has rare fossilized crinoid heads along with the more common segmented crinoid stems.

crinoid plate

crinoid head

It is Spring and the Raptor is stretching its legs, getting ready to visit the Kalamazoo Rock and Mineral Show.
Raptor getting ready to visit Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo Rock and Mineral Show 2017 poster

A few minerals you will see at the KGMS show.


GemStones A – Z

Definition: None that are universally accepted.

It seems the only agreed upon definition of “gemstone” is that it’s a noun!

Gemstones are a mystery unto themselves, each meaning something precious to the beholder. And one man’s gem is just a part of another man’s cement sidewalk.

Gemstones encompass the most varied of geological treasures, from those iconic strikingly cut and polished diamonds of fairy tales to stones of common geological origin, mineraloids and even objects from space!

Breakaway from the stereotypes and discover just what types of “gemstones” tickle your fancy!

Gemstones are as unique as we are, and their beauty, desirability, and even strangeness lie far beyond your imaginings!

Unearth the mysteries of your own treasures!

May 5-7, 2017
Kalamazoo County Expo Center
2900 Lake Street, Kalamazoo, MI

2017 Vendor list:
1. Beauties of Creation
2. Bj’s
3. Earth Prospect and Mineral Company
4. Russell’s Trees & Treasures
5. Mineral House
6. GeoScape Rock Shop, LLC
7. Red Metal Minerals
8. Fossil Hut LTD
9. Dayle Harrison
10. Paleo Joe
11. Peacock Rocks and Minerals
12. Lambert Minerals
13. Wrap N Rock Gems
14. Dave’s Rocks and Carvings
15. SilverTown
16. Rock Stars
17. Kalamazoo Astronomical Society will be selling viewers for the solar eclipse

Check out what happened at the 2016 Kalamazoo Rock and Mineral Show

2017 Show layout:
2017 Kalamazoo Rock and Mineral Show floor plan