Dealer booth requests

Additional dealers are not required for the 2017 show. We are reviewing plans for the 2018 show.

Rock, gem, fossil, mineral, jewelry and meteorite dealers that would like to be considered for future KGMS Shows need to contact the Vendor Liaison, Dave Boslar, at Include a description and photographs of your merchandise, and a photo of your booth set up. We keep dealer contact information and submitted photos etc., on file. If an opening occurs at the KGMS Show we go to this file first to select candidates

Please note, KGMS goes through an extensive vetting process before selecting a dealer for the Kalamazoo Rock and Mineral Show.

2014: – 3,800 attendees, including approximately 1,200 school students attending on Friday.

2015: – 4,042 attendees, including approximately 890 school students attending on Friday.

2016: – 4,824 attendees, including approximately 900 school students and their chaperones attending before public opening hours on Friday.

2017 Same location, bigger Expo Hall!
– In 2013 the KGMS Show occupied 11,000 square feet of space.
– In 2014 our show filled 15,000 square feet.
– In 2015 we expanded to 20,000 square feet of show space.

Contact Dave (

Additional information on the Kalamazoo annual Rock, Gem, Fossil and Mineral Show can be found here.