KGMS Forms and Brochures

Members and non-members of KGMS may download the following forms

Application for KGMS Membership (pdf download)
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KGMS Show Co-Sponsor Invitation – click here to download
This letter is use to solicit financial support for area schools so they may attend the Kalamazoo Geological and Mineral Society’s Annual Show and Educational Program on “Kid’s Days”. Co-Sponsors may also earmark their donation for any area such as educational exhibits, displays, bus subsidies, and advertising.

Member Recruitment Brochures

I am thinking of becoming a Mineral/ Fossil Collector

These brochures may be used for any event where a KGMS member is in contact with the general public. You may contact Jerry VanNocker ( to obtain these brochures or by clicking the images below you can also download a pdf version and print this brochure yourself. You may need to adjust printer setting in order to print this pdf correctly.

KGMS Show Flyers and Posters

Each year a 5×7 postcard is specially printed for the KGMS show. Starting in September we use this postcard as a flyer that is distributed throughout southwest Michigan, and Rock and Mineral shows through out the USA. These postcards are distributed to members as early as September. At the February general meeting all members are encourage to pick up show flyers to distribute to the community. You may contact at anytime to acquire show postcards.

A 81/2×11 flyer/poster for the 2017 Show may be download here in pdf and here as a jpg.

The KGMS Show Poster come in a variety of sizes. Starting in September a 11×17 poster is available at KGMS general meetings. The 11×12 poster can be used in schools, company break-rooms, stores, etc. Large formats, up to 20×30 inches are available for posting in high traffic locations – Please contact Jerry VanNocker for arranging delivery of large format posters (those over 11×17) as we have these printed as needed.

Rack Cards are primarily used at locations where racks are available for this format of brochure. You should request Rack Cards in advance by contacting Jerry at